Ramon and Gayle Vincent are transplants from California seeking a sustainable lifestyle in beautiful Arizona. We bought 40 acres in Yucca, Arizona to build our future utopia. We became fascinated with growing our own food and being an asset to our community by supplying nutritious food to others and having an abundance to share.

Who doesn’t want to live a healthier, better life style? We all realize it is best for us at some point in our lives. We realized that with the amount of space we had on our land we could grow our own food. We could better our lives and hopefully spread that to others around us. We have heard that growing food in arid, hot Arizona is not easy but we are up for the challenge. Outdoors or indoors, in soil or hydroponically, it can be done with hard work, planning and fortitude.

So we diligently started researching what other people are doing and there are some amazing people out there doing extraordinary things. Thankfully they are also willing to share their knowledge, successes and failures. We have been blessed and we have been encouraged, we can do this!

Until we begin on our land we needed something we could grow in a small space, with a relatively quick harvest time. That’s when we discovered microgreens. We didn’t know anything about them at all but were absolutely fascinated with them as we began to learn their value.

Microgreens are vegetable or herb greens that are harvested as edible young plants from

1 to 3 inches in height. They are super packed with many beneficial nutrients and can be used in a multitude of ways. As a nutritional supplement, a visual enhancement, and as a flavor and texture enhancement as well. Microgreens can add sweetness, spiciness or an added crunchy taste to foods.

Upscale grocers, health food markets and health food fanatics are crazy for microgreens. Innovative chefs find nutritious, beautiful and interesting ways to enhance their dishes. There are endless possibilities for their uses and all of them benefit you nutritionally.

Microgreens are great for adding garnishes to salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps and various plates. They have an intense flavor and are up to 5 times more nutritious than their mature plant counterparts.

We hope you will explore and enjoy our world of Get Fascinated Microgreens with us.


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Mission Statement

By sharing our life experiences, Thoughts, & opinions. Our mission is to Grow, inspire, & be better assets to this wonderful life. Along the way you might be entertained.