Rosebird Farms, “Farm to Fork”

Nestled in the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains in the high desert of Kingman, Arizona you will find a certified naturally grown farm run by Andrea McAdow. A young woman steadily proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the Mohave Valley. Rosebird Farms grows over 20 varieties of produce in any given season. In conjunction with several other farmers and locals growers, Rosebird Farms, supplies a variety of nutritious food to the surrounding communities of Mohave Valley, Arizona. Fresh, healthy, locally grown food is supplied to people eager to have “Farm to Fork” food on a weekly basis throughout the year through CSA boxes.

Beginnings & Aspirations

“Farm To Fork” Food Growing

It was interesting to learn that Andrea is originally from the Buffalo, New York area. Her husband Kenneth and her met at school in Boston, Massachusetts and then relocated to the Kingman area. Andrea started her career in construction management and civil engineering previously, but had a desire to farm. Secondly Her husband and a partner set up a physical therapy business in the area as Andrea set about on her quest of starting their family farm. Rosebird Farm was a natural evolution of their shared interest in homesteading and living a sustainable lifestyle. When I asked Andrea what inspired her to be a farmer and homesteader she responded with ” Seeing a seed grow felt like a miraculous thing to me,” that in and of it of it self is inspirational. She is making it happen, not just for herself but she is blessing others.

Beautiful New Addition

Andrea and her husband recently welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lily. When we toured Rosebird Farms, Andrea was within days of giving birth. Yet, she was in the fields running a large farm machine in a tunnel, hard at work. She is definitely hands on in the daily workings of her farm, yet she was kind enough to take time out of her busy day to allow Ramon to film her in action. We toured her farm, met her apprentices and got to see the inner workings of Rosebird Farms. Regardless of her busy schedule, Andrea does it all with grace and ease.

About Rosebird Farms

Ramon Filming Inside the Tunnels at Rosebird Farms

Rosebird Farms has about 9 greenhouse tunnels that are being used to produce food. Andrea expressed that the addition of the high tunnels on the farm has been a game changer. She said the crops have grown better because they have helped by maintaining heat inside of the growing spaces and helping to retain moisture as well. They also assist with reducing soil erosion and damage to the crops from the winds. On site the farm has a seedling nursery and a cleaning and packing facility where the CSA boxes are packed. There is also a good size walk in cooler where the produce is kept for short periods of times until it is picked up or delivered.

Daily Work

Daily you can find Andrea and her crew of apprentices and other workers either, tilling, preparing beds or composting. Planting, harvesting, washing and packing. These are just some of the various chores that need to be attended to. This bustling working farm has food to grow and quotas to maintain so that people can be fed. Andrea has said that there is a very real and rewarding aspects of what she does at Rosebird Farms “Farm to Fork with the help of others. It’s feeding the community nutritious, locally grown healthy and nutritious food!

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Walk The Farm

High Tunnel at Rosebird Farms

Walk the farm and you will see lush trees loaded with pomegranates ripe for the picking. Beds of gorgeous flowers with bees busy doing their pollinating. Piles of mulch here and there at the ready for garden beds to be planted. Peek into the tunnels and you will see vegetables at various stages of growth. This is an environment that is thriving and growing. It was so fun to see some of the seedlings that Ramon and I just saw being planted a few weeks ago and now they’re growing and a couple of feet tall.

Multi Tasking

Seedling Nursery at Rosebird Farms

It was fascinating to see and understand just how much physical labor goes into the daily operation of Andrea’s farm. But, that’s just one aspect of Rosebird Farms, because Andrea is a business woman as well. She has busy days with a lot to keep tabs on. From the community farm boxes of “Farm to Fork” food that are put together with other farms and farmers, to the daily goings on of her own farm. Having apprentices, employees and farm animals is a lot to contend with. But of course she has her own personal life as well. A husband, new baby and her own household to juggle and the list goes on.

Farming Is Hard Work

Chickens at Rosebird Farms Doing What Chickens Do

Because farming can be unpredictable and there are many variables to contend with. Andrea discussed that the most challenging part of running Rosebird Farms is dealing with uncertainty. Weather, winds, rains or lack thereof. Excessive heat or cold and other environmental conditions. Your intent in farming is to grow food but sometimes things don’t go as planned and it’s beyond your control. The Kingman area is very rocky and Andrea talked about how much preparation went into getting the tunnels even ready to plant. So nothing has been easy. It’s been through sheer hard work and tenacity that Andrea has pulled her farm together but she has very successfully. Whatever trials or tribulations she may have run into she has come out on top. Rosebird Farms and their affiliates, workers and contributors are a blessing to the Mohave Valley, Arizona community.

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The Farms Vibe

Andrea & Luna at Rosebird Farms

The farm has a great vibe. One of life and growth. Rosebird Farms “Farm to Fork” vegetables are growing, flowers are blooming, there are farm animals roaming the grounds and now a baby. It all just feels right. It’s a lively mix of life and creatures. It’s community at it’s best. When you pull in the driveway Luna a large lovable, friendly white dog greets you. There are also a couple of other dogs on the premises as well. Andrea’s husband is raising a large flock of sheep on the property, too. Everything is multipurpose. The animals supply great composting manure for the garden beds so its a win, win situation. There are also meat rabbits and chickens that also contribute. Andrea expressed that at times the farm has pigs or cows too.

West of 3RD

West of 3RD Downtown Kingman, AZ

An extension of Andrea’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through at her West of 3RD street store at 224 Beale Street in downtown Kingman along famous scenic RT 66. A sustainable lifestyle boutique. An innovative store that Andrea and two other woman entrepreneurs developed. You can find curated secondhand fashion and ephemeral hand tied bouquets of gorgeous flowers. They have luxurious skin care for everyone wanting to to take care of their beauty regimen. High quality offerings such as delicious baked goods, coffee, Rosebird Farms “Farm to Fork,” fresh produce and organic microgreens not to mention. A nutritious superfood, very hard to come by in the tri-state area. West of 3RD has them and so much more. Furthermore you walk through their beautiful antique door and be mesmerized by their offerings. There is something for everyone. This is a boutique worth frequenting on a regular basis for anyone looking for something special.

Keep On Going & Growing

You can’t help but be inspired when you observe everything that is flourishing at Rosebird Farms. Andrea’s vision has literally blossomed into not only a personal dream, but a family business another key point, One that benefits her community too. We wish her continued success and for her to keep going and growing!

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