Most parents struggle with getting their kids to eat vegetables. One of the hardest things that we can experience as parents is having a child that is a picky eater.  It can make you want to tear your hair out at times. So we have to be creative and sometimes even sneaky to get them to ingest what we know is good for them.

Microgreens are an exciting and innovative way to help improve their vitamin and nutritional needs. These mighty little powerhouses are adorable as well so kids find them fascinating. Little do they know that those tiny little leaves and stems are filled with vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium and zinc. These will aid in giving them strong and healthy bones. Many microgreens contain antioxidants that help rid the body of free radicals that can build up and lead to cellular damage. These antioxidants also reduce inflammation.

Sunflower microgreens are a favorite with kids, they have a nutty and sweet flavor. They are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and are low in calories. They are a perfect nutritional addition and excellent for your child to maintain a healthy weight. They are also high in protein that also helps repair body tissue, great for developing young bodies.

With the worldwide pandemic still present and with everyone spending more time at home growing microgreens with your child is a fun and easy project. There are many inexpensive kits you can purchase or you can buy whatever individual items you might need. It’s a cool science and nature project and you get to spend some fun time with your kid. Not only is it rewarding for your child to see something he or she has planted grow, but they can eat it too!

Microgreens make great pizza toppings so have pizza night and let your child build their own pizza using the microgreens they grew. They will think that’s pretty cool and yummy too. You can secretly put microgreens into your kids foods without them even knowing. Throw them into a stir fry or put them in an omelet or make a nice fruit smoothie and blend some in. Get creative and throw them in your child’s food as often as possible because many microgreens can contain as much as forty percent more nutritional value than their mature counterpart. For example eating an ounce and a half of broccoli microgreens is equivalent to eating a pound and a half of mature broccoli. Good luck trying to get your child to eat that!

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We at Get Fascinated Microgreens are very excited to offer fresh, healthy microgreens for your child and family to incorporate into their diets. We believe that you will love them and appreciate all the amazing benefits they have to offer.


  1. Never heard of micro-greens, boy was i in for a new experience. My wife and myself LOVE THEM. SMOOTHIES, SALADS, COOKING, SANDWICHES anyway you like… great taste and great for you, love the varieties you can choose from!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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